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What do we mean by a quality business card … and does it matter?

24 July 2015

Let’s start by looking at what we mean by “quality”.  One definition we’ve found is “the degree of excellence of something”, and that seems a very good place to start.  “Excellence” – we all strive for it, all the time, in all that we do, and it’s so important that we project an excellent image when trying to impress people.

When we consider quality in the context of business cards, what do we mean, exactly?  We need to consider this in terms of the image of us that it portrays – which is subjective – and the outcome – which is objective.  By outcome we mean, is the business card retained … and, ultimately, do we get any business from it?

So when we talk about quality business cards we mean cards that project a positive, appealing, professional image and are kept by whoever we’ve given them to, remembered, used to contact us, and ideally buy from us.

It’s really straightforward then … isn’t it?

Not exactly!

Let’s remind ourselves of some statistics from last time:

Over 27 million cards are printed a day across the globe

For every 2,000 business cards distributed, a company’s sales will increase by 2.5%

But it’s a sad fact that 90% of business cards are discarded in less than a week, broken down as follows:

63% don’t need the service provided by the card giver

24% don’t want to do business with the specific card giver

9% added the information into a digital contact list (so, importantly, retained the details just no longer needed the card)

4% for other unspecified reasons

Now let’s consider another statistic:  if the business card is considered to be of sufficient quality (that word again), people will hold onto it up to ten times longer!

So what makes a quality business card? 

A good way to answer this is to look at what isn’t a quality business card – it’s one that:

has poor quality paper or card

is over-sized so that it won’t easily fit into wallets or purses (although there is some evidence that unusual shapes (e.g. square), rounded edges, and other such innovations can work in some instances)

has unclear contact information

has poor design

I get all that – so how do I get a quality business card? 

Remember the wonderful Lena Martin quote: “Most televisions spew out mindless garbage, but that’s not the fault of the TV manufacturer.”  A quality business card will follow our MEDIC acronym, and be






But don’t worry – help is at hand!  You don’t need to do all of these things, or make your cards over-complex or fussy (which can of course be a turn off) – all you need to do is think about these five things, and then talk to the experts … our creative team can even do your artwork for you if you like!

Based in Hertfordshire, we pride ourselves on producing outstandingly good – in fact, excellent! – products, delivering value for money, and delighting our ever-growing customer base.

You’ll find our web-site easy to use, and you can if you wish do everything on-line with the minimum of fuss.  But we’re always here to help, and if you’d like to speak to one of the team than give us a call any time on

020 8449 6688

… and prepare to be delighted!

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