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Social Media In Print

21 November 2014

Social media.  Not all that long ago it didn’t even exist, yet now it’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest; (and let’s not ignore more “businessy” applications like LinkedIn).

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • roughly half of the entire UK population have a Facebook account (around 31 million people)
  • there are approximately 15 million users of Twitter in the UK
  • although quiet on their latest growth figures, the last announcement from LinkedIn suggested over 10 million UK users

We could go on, but you get the gist.  These platforms are huge and here to stay, and are ignored at our peril.

So what are the implications for businesses in general and print clients in particular?

Things to consider

This really is a huge topic – almost as huge as the numbers of users themselves!  To some extent the social media world is still in an evolutionary mode, opening up new and as yet unthought of possibilities for businesses and their clients.

What we can reliably predict however is that a positive social media “presence” can only do good – enabling businesses to connect more intimately with their clients, and clients to engage with and learn about businesses and the products and services that they provide in a more personal, immediate and informative way.

OK, so back to printing posters, leaflets and flyers …

If you are looking to get your posters, leaflets and flyers printed, and you’re reading this, congratulations!  You’ve already found a printer that has an active social media presence with whom you can interact in a variety of ways … including, we think it’s worth mentioning, by telephone.  Here are your links:


Telephone  020 8449 6688

And of course you can do everything on-line if you wish, in a very easy and straightforward manner.  Hence our name, “Print Made Easy” … which is exactly what it is!

What are my options?

For posters, leaflets and flyers, (we’ve covered the differences in previous articles), or whatever your printing requirements are,  you can use your own artwork or get us to help you, you can laminate in gloss or matt if you wish, you can print single or double sided, you can choose gloss, silk or uncoated paper, size, quantity, and so on … and when you quickly receive your beautifully printed products you can put them to use right away.  And you can even tell the world (and us!) how pleased you are with our service using your own social media!

Click here to reach our very easy page where you can design your items, or here for our home page, and get ready to be delighted!

Next time

We’ll be taking a very practical look at how to make promotional leaflets work for you, which we hope you will find useful.

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