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How brilliant leaflets make a brilliant difference

23 April 2015

In our last article we talked about flyers, and how a great flyer can really help with your marketing initiatives.  This time around we’re looking at leaflets, and how in a similar way a well-designed leaflet can work wonders!

We’ll start by asking you a question: of all the leaflets you see, whether they’re delivered in the post, you pick them up, they’re handed out to you in the street, or whatever, what makes you read some and not others?   If you walk along certain parts of London – Covent Garden springs to mind – you can’t walk ten yards without being handed a leaflet of some description, usually advertising bars, restaurants, shops, or theatre tickets.  And the vast majority go straight in the bin!

So you have a VERY short amount of time to catch their attention, however the leaflet is delivered.

Leaflet printing

So what are the characteristics of a brilliant leaflet?

  • we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a picture paints a thousand words
  • we’ve said this before too and we’re sure we’ll say it again: you only make a first impression once

So, before any other considerations, think about the initial


that your leaflet will have.  You can have all the most wonderful messages and offers on it, but if no-one reads it, well, it’s all been wasted effort.

We’ve mentioned pictures, whether they are photos or illustrations or other images.  Now think about the words – the “content”.  As we said back in December, you don’t want too much and you don’t want too little.  Just enough to excite the reader, to make them want to know more (and of course where to go or what to do to get more).

Plus of course there’s how it feels: the quality of the paper (130gsm, 150gsm or 170gsm); the material (silk, uncoated or gloss); single or double sided printing; and finally the size (A4, A5, A6 or DL for example).

But do brilliant leaflets make a brilliant difference?

As we said last time, every type of media is effective to a greater or lesser extent, whether it’s TV, radio, newspaper, on the side of buses, billboards, flyers, or whatever.  The question remains, how effective and at what cost?

Here are two more interesting statistics from the Direct Marketing Association (and there are many more on their web-site):

  • As many as 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a leaflet distribution item
  • Leaflet distribution is one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising, with 48% of consumers responding to leaflet advertisements

So how do I get my brilliant leaflet printing?

Think differently.
Think innovatively.
Think creatively.

And think how can I make my leaflets stand out from the crowd?

Click here and take a good look how we can help you – we’re sure that we can, and we have numerous satisfied customers to prove it!

Or why not give us a call on 020 8449 6688 and, as always, we’ll be delighted to help you.

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