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Compliment Slip Printing

18 February 2015

In recent articles we’ve covered lots of topics – business cards, leaflets and flyers, letterheads, the importance of a professional look and feel for your printed material, and the impact of social media.  And all this time we haven’t mentioned one of the most commonly used items of business stationery – the humble compliment slip.  We decided that it was high time we put that right!

What’s the point?

The same question has been asked about business cards, and yet we saw in our last article how enduring and popular they are – and have been for a very long time!  The compliment slip, of course, serves a slightly different function, but it is related.

A point often missed about them – and one which in our view should be considered in their design – comes from their purpose, and is inherent in their name …

 with compliments

So, you’re sending someone a package or a product or a brochure or a gift or perhaps something they’ve bought from you, and maybe it’s not appropriate to include a full-blown letter, so you enclose the compliment slip with a personalised message.  Chances are it’s the first thing they see!  So here’s your chance to impress … as we’ve said so often you only make a first impression once!

Do and don’t …

Clearly you’ll want to promote your own brand, and whether you feel it necessary to include full contact details or just a logo or statement, you’ll want the recipient to know who it’s from of course.

But the compliment slip also gives you a golden opportunity to do something very personal, which will make the reader feel special, and that you care.  And it’s this – a hand-written message.

Think about it.  In this digital age, when the vast majority of all written documentation that we receive is typed – in emails, texts, formal printed letters, and so on – the thought that someone took the time out to write a few words TO YOU seems to mean so much.  I know it does to me!  One supplier I buy from regularly always includes a compliment slip along the lines of

 lovingly packaged by XYZ

we hope you love your new ABC

any problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch …

you get the gist!  All hand-written, it only took them a minute or two, and it brings a smile to my face and makes me recommend them and buy from them again.  And that’s just from the compliment slip – I haven’t even used the product yet!

So, the big DO is simply this – include a hand-written message.  And the big DON’T is – leave it blank.  That gives completely the wrong impression, that you’re too busy to care.  It’s almost better not to include one at all than include a blank one … which is a personal view but a strongly held one!

What about the design?

As we mentioned above, as long as your brand is presented in some way, there are no rights or wrongs.  Depending upon what your company does or how well known it is, a logo or recognisable image may be sufficient.  Or contact details may be useful.

Whatever you do or don’t include, try and make it memorable.  It may only be looked at very briefly, but it’s a very important briefly!

You might think about eye-catching artwork, or printing on both sides, or higher quality paper, or even unusual shapes … the more creative you are, the more likely it is to get noticed.

So how do I get fantastic compliment slips?

The good news is – yet again you’re in the right place.  Click here and take a good look at all of the options available.  If it’s straightforward and you have the artwork you can do it all easily and quickly on-line, or why not give us a call on 020 8449 6688 and, as always, we’ll be delighted to help you.

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